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Payment Processing, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY; National Bank of Canada, Montreal, PQ; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, ON; Chase Paymentech, Dallas, TX; and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

Direct Pricing

The Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Credit Card Program offered by Payment Processing, Inc. (PPI) offers pricing designed to meet the needs of every vacation property owner. With PPI, it is easy and affordable to accept credit cards from your guests.

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Canadian Plan (CAD)
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Customer Testimonial

* The sign up fee is not an application fee. This fee will only be charged once your account has been approved by Payment Processing, Inc.

** For qualified transactions. Non-qualified transactions are subject to additional charges of between 0.35% to 1.25%.

Approval of the Payment Processing, Inc. merchant account required. Additional fees apply to accepting American Express, Discover, and Diners Club cards. All transactions are subject to Card Association guidelines.
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