Vacation Rental Property Owner
Credit Card & eCheck Acceptance


M-F 9am-6pm eastern

Accepting credit cards allows you to:

Increase bookings – Credit cards are becoming the de facto payment method for travelers booking lodgings. If you're not accepting credit, you're putting your listing at a disadvantage.

Confirm bookings instantly – Process a guest's rental deposit over the phone. No more waiting for deposit checks in the mail.

Make the transaction safer. With credit card payments, sensitive account information won't be landing in email inboxes or arriving in the mail. Everything occurs over a secure payment network.

Improve cash flow – Funds are deposited into your existing bank account in two to three business days.

Save time – Credit card processing occurs in seconds and those bank trips to deposit checks become a thing of the past.

Enhance your listing's appeal – Accepting credit cards legitimizes your vacation rental business so travelers feel more secure when booking your property.