Business Services



PayPros Business Services is a full suite of support services designed to create productive customer relationships by providing world-class services, and to reduce the payment processing support burden for our partners.

GreenlightPayPros Greenlight
We get businesses set up and installed quickly and properly with the PayPros Greenlight service. The program includes thorough customer Installation and, set-up and transaction testing.

ActivateMePayPros ActivateMe
This instant, online mechanism for establishing payment processing accounts includes simple, swift online activation; status tracking; unlimited domestic support; and rock-solid security.

Customer CarePayPros Customer Care
PayPros Customer Care program is run by experienced, trained professionals, offering 24x7x365 support (phone, email and online) for software, hardware and payment account issues.

PCI ValidationPayPros PCI Validation
For businesses with integrated IP-based payment processing, the PayPros PCI Validation program features a PCI compliance portal with intuitive navigation and award-winning vulnerability detection to get you (and keep you) compliant.

Account AnalysisPayPros Account Analysis
Customers can expect a detailed proposal and review of processing fees, complete with an outline of how PayPros can meet or beat current rates.

FraudWatchPayPros FraudWatch
Active in the risk community, the PayPros FraudWatch team monitors transactions with the latest security techniques, watchful for potential fraud activity.

Reimbursement GuaranteePayPros PCI Breach Reimbursement Guarantee
Once you achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance, you may be eligible for reimbursement up to $150,000 for forensic reviews, fines and card reissuance costs in the case of a card data breach.

Breach SupportPayPros Breach Support
In the event of a breach or suspected breach, businesses face a complicated resolution process. PayPros’ in-house compliancy team acts as the business’ advocate, coordinating everything necessary to close the issue.

AdvanceMePayPros AdvanceMe
PayPros makes it easy for our customers to get the cash they need, permitting businesses to sell future credit card sales in exchange for an immediate lump sum of working capital.